This workshop is designed for Camera Clubs and other institutions whose members are interested in art photography and is run in conjunction with Nick Melidonis on dates to suit both parties



The aim of this fun and inspirational workshop is to provide enthusiasts of good quality photography with the essential tools to help them develop and think about their personal creative work and to deepen their aesthetic eye. The course will also benefit people in the workplace who make presentations; deal with photographic images to illustrate products and services; newsletters; reports and media liaison.

Modern cameras and phone devices are excellent in producing well exposed photographs. However, there is a big difference between a competent record shot and a powerful image and that difference is the photographer’s vision and interpretation; not the camera they use.The workshop is a summary of Nick’s 20 years as a pro photographer and outlines what worked and didn’t work for him in creating his award winning images.

We will be exploring the three essential C’s of photography; Content, Context and Composition as well as how to maximise the interpretation and potential of digital image files using simple but very powerful, cost effective software.

Successful photographers know how to see, understand, think, feel and communicate with photographic images and we will be discussing numerous examples illustrating these aspects... Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras and some of their own RAW or JPEG images for Nick to work on during the workshop.

workshop content includes:

• What is creativity and how can it become part of our daily lives

• Creative barriers to seeing and how to overcome them.

• Essential elements of photographic composition for consistently good images

• Maximising the potential of your images using the Lightroom Develop Module

• Exercises and projects to awaken your creative potential

• How can I start my creative journey?

• Working with participant’s images to illustrate the workshop’s creative          principles