Pro and Enthusiast Mentoring and Forum Programmes

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Mentoring One-on-One

Seminars, workshops, Camera Clubs and books all have their place to inspire and explore camera technique. However, the best camera equipment and technique in the world does not necessarily produce great photographs. Feedback from the hundreds of participants I’ve taught over the past 10 years suggests that most enthusiasts also need ample specific feedback and critique of their own images with suggestions on improving their photography and options to enhance their visual literacy. I can offer a limited number of students one-on-one mentoring in between my travel and tour assignments.












Mentoring Content

The mentoring program will focus on the needs of the enthusiast or pro and will be flexible. It can include:

  • A personalised program jointly drawn up to suit the level and desired outcomes of the photographer.

  • Assessment of current photographic equipment (film and digital) to ensure it is in good working order and can meet the outcomes of the style of photography it is aimed at.

  • Suggestions to maximise the performance of the current equipment and any upgrades required.

  • Feedback and critique of the photographer’s work with suggestions and options for improvement.

  • One-on-one teaching technique for using digital equipment and software (Lightroom and Photoshop)

  • Access to high end pro computers, printers, and software to facilitate teaching.

  • Field shoots with personal mentoring

  • Assignments to master technique and to develop the photographer’s eye

  • Variety of categories including travel (people and scenery), landscapes, fine-art and exhibition work, Lightroom, Photoshop and assorted plug-ins and workflow, camera technique, close-ups and macro work etc.

Venue - Sessions are normally held at my photographic workshop in Fremantle as it includes Pro equipment and computers. There are numerous venues nearby for practical shoots (and good coffee). Sessions times and dates will be arranged to suit both parties.

COST - Session durations will be at the discretion of the photographer and are $120 per hour. It is suggested that the average session should be a minimum of two hours to maximise outcomes.

"Hi Nick, just wanted to say thanks for the mentoring meeting we had last night .I learned heaps of good stuff, but the critique of my images and your suggestions for fine tuning the post-processing really opened my eyes to achieving another level of improvement that was invaluable to me. It’s advice one wouldn’t get from a camera club or a club competition judge, and that is, to me, the great value of a mentorship session like this."       Steve A


To enquire about mentoring, please send an email or phone me on 0418 912 156, I look forward to working with you to get to the next level in your creative journey.



A Creative Forum is an evening session of 5 photographers who want to get together to discuss and share aspects of photography of their choosing. Primarily, it is designed to advance their techniques, their knowledge of software; develop their personal creative work and to deepen their aesthetic eye.

An integral part of the evening will include the participants bringing some digital files of their own and Nick will work on them to a finished state for exhibition, books, display etc. The finished files will then be given to the participants.

The workflow process will be discussed and demonstrated so they can see a professional workflow to understand what creative aspects they need to consider and in what order to arrive at a finished fine art digital file. Often this process of what to consider first is vital in finishing up with a good outcome.

The small group can often suggest aspects they would like Nick to discuss prior to the session enabling him to do any necessary research relating to the content.

VENUE: Nick’s training room, 28b Lilly Street, South Fremantle (a mud-map will be emailed to participants).

TIME: 6.45 – 9.30 PM.

BRING: Digital files (prefer RAW but any format is fine) on a thumb drive, writing materials. Laptops if you prefer. There is no need to own Lightroom of Photoshop at this stage. There are many pizza and take-away places that deliver close by if they want some sustenance during the session. Cameras if you want to discuss controls.

COST: $50/person for the evening ( 5 people).


To enquire about Forums or to book for one, please send an email or phone me on 0418 912 156, I look forward to working with you to achieve the next level in your creative journey.